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Since 1997, College Parents of America has aimed to promote greater student success as measured by increased attainment of post-secondary education, and particularly greater college completion.  

We hope to bring attention to your expertise and content to our audience of more than 35,000 fans and followers as well as to our more than 50,000 monthly visitors.  We seek to bring useful insights, tips, and expertise to parents and families who are seeking to support their student’s success in pursuing a post-secondary education.

Please consider the following editorial guidelines when submitting original content.  

  • Recognize the positive role that parents and families can play in promoting the value of post-secondary education.
  • Recognize the importance of increasing access to post-secondary education and the value of completing a college education.
  • Recognize the unique needs and anxieties of college families and speak it relevant and useful ways.
  • Please provide practical tips, insights, and humor that can be helpful to families.
  • Address topics of concern (Mental Health, Campus Safety, Title IX, Sexual Assault, Drug / Alcohol use) while not directly criticizing college or universities 
  • Discussion of topics related to free-speech on campus are encouraged but please avoid political or divisive topics such as “micro-aggressions” or partisan politics. 
  • Original posts – we aim to publish only original content so please let us know if your post has appeared elsewhere. If you wish to reuse your post at a later date, please include these words and link: “This originally appeared on College Parents of America.
  • Recognize that by contributing your content, you are providing permission for College Parents of America to publish your original work on its website, newsletter and within its annual CPA Handbook for Student Success. 
We would like to recognize and highlight your expertise accurately so please provide: 
  • We prefer posts between 500 - 1,200 words. 
  • Title – suggest one for your post but we reserve the right to change it. 
  • Graphics – send one only if you own the rights to it or know that it is marked as free to share. We reserve the right to sub out a different illustration.
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